Why Accounting is about more than the numbers!

Success is defined by many people in so many different ways. Whether it is money, status, accomplishments, family or feelings. For me, success is defined by the people with whom I am surrounded by. The article I was so privileged to feature in, is a bit about me and my journey to where I am today. I am grateful for so many people that have helped me get here; my unwavering support of my family, my amazing staff… old friends, new friends; my clients past and present – big and small, my insightful colleagues, CPA Australia, my “unpaid “mentors who listen, advise and guide me (you know who you are), those who I have loved and do love… These people are why I feel like I am a success! I hope you enjoy reading a little about my story: http://ow.ly/fFKO30hdnxG

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